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Introvabilia”, una selezione di volumi rari o semi introvabili, che potete richiedere contattandoci a in questo articolo potete trovare “Classic Safari Camps of Africa” di David Rogers, edito da Hornbill Press al prezzo speciale di € 200Vi interessa? Non vi resta che scrivere a Gulliver Libri per viaggiare!

Introvabilia”, a selection of rare or semi-unavailable books, which you can request by contacting us at here you can find “Classic Safari Camps of Africa” of David Rogers by Hornbill Press at the special price of € 200If you are interested, write to Gulliver Libri per viaggiare!

Classic Safari Camps of Africa” was started 11 years ago as an association of independent, privately-operated camps and lodges – each situated in some of the finest and most unusual wildlife destinations in Southern and East Africa.

In this spectacular, full-colour coffee table book, author and photographer David Rogers journeys to more than 40 different camps in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

Each one of these properties is privately owned and the fact that most of the owners live on the property – and often even built them – makes a tremendous difference.

Classics includes some of the great characters of the safari world among them Robin Pope of Robin Pope Safaris who is one of the greatest walking guides of Southern Africa.

David also interviews Stefano Cheli and Aris Grammaticas who are founding members in East Africa. Selinda Camp, which is owned by National Geographic filmmakers and photographers Derek and Beverly Joubert, is also among the line up of Classic Camps. When Classics started, all of the camps were canvas or very traditional in design – and while some of them have developed a bit since and become very stylish and in some cases extremely luxurious, they retain the simplicity of form and authenticity. You never feel removed from the natural splendour of the environment in which they are situated.