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Introvabilia”, una selezione di volumi rari o semi introvabili, che potete richiedere contattandoci a in questo articolo potete trovare “Penang” di Fong Peng Khuan edito da APA Publications al prezzo speciale di € 5. Vi interessa? Non vi resta che scrivere a Gulliver Libri per viaggiare

Introvabilia”, a selection of rare or semi-unavailable books, which you can request by contacting us at here you can find “Penang” of Fong Peng Khuan by APA Publications at the special price of € 5. If you are interested, write to Gulliver Libri per viaggiare!

Tucked away in the northwest corner of Malaysia, the island of Penang is an endearing contradiction. Modern skyscrapers in the capital, George Town, rise next to noisy wet markets and old temples. Past the ritzy beach resorts of the northern coast are fishing villages, rubber plantations and jungled hills. Add to this a melting pot of races and you’ll see why Penang truly deserves the sobriquet, “The Pearl of the Orient”. In these pages, Insight correspondent and native of Penang Fong Peng Khuan has devised itineraries that are perfect for a short day on this sun-drenched island. A series of full- and half-day tours cover all the island’s major sights and optional extras. For those with time, there are excursions to Penang Hill, treks to rainforest reserves, and even across the sea to Butterworth on the mainland. Chapters on eating out, nightlife and shopping, and a useful practical information section complete this reader-friendly guide.

Fong Peng Khuan spent his childhood and the better part of his youth in sleepy Penang, savouring the kampung life that he now misses so much. The skyline may be taller, the traffic busier and the air not as clean, but some things have not changed for the writer. On his periodic visits home, Fong is often reminded of life from a bygone age, when things were conducted at a leisurely pace, and Penangites – as the people of Penang call themselves – smiled more readily. To discover this side of Penang, Fong advises you to steer away from frenzied coach tours and explore the island at your own pace.