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“Introvabilia”, una selezione di volumi rari o semi introvabili, che potete richiedere contattandoci a in questo articolo potete trovare “Sudan the Land and the People” di Timothy Carney e Victoria Butler edito Thames & Hudson al prezzo speciale di €59. Vi interessa? Non vi resta che scrivere a Gulliver Libri per viaggiare!

The Land of Sudan captures the incredible diversity, beauty and potential of Africa’s largest and most culturally varied country in hundreds of Michael Freeman’s glorious photographs. Produced with the co-operation and support of both the government of Sudan and the Southern People’s Liberation Movement, this book is the first ever to portray the whole of Sudan – north, south, east and west, muslim and christian – in one large-format volume.

“Introvabilia”, a selection of rare or semi-unavailable books, which you can request by contacting us at here you can find “Sudan the Land and the People” by Timothy Carney e Victoria Butler at the special price of €59. If you are interested, write to Gulliver Libri per viaggiare!