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Introvabilia”, una selezione di volumi rari o semi introvabili, che potete richiedere contattandoci a in questo articolo potete trovare “On the path to void. Buddhist Art of the Tibetan Realm” di Pratapaditya Pal edito da Marg Publications al prezzo speciale di € 62. Vi interessa? Non vi resta che scrivere a Gulliver Libri per viaggiare

Introvabilia”, a selection of rare or semi-unavailable books, which you can request by contacting us at here you can find “On the path to void. Buddhist Art of the Tibetan Realm” of Pratapaditya Pal by Marg Publications at the special price of € 62. If you are interested, write to Gulliver Libri per viaggiare!

This volume provides an overview of Tibet’s magnificent art and architecture. In three sections on architectural monuments, sculpture, and painting and fabric images, the essays in this volume, written by the foremost scholars of Tibetan art and culture, cover monasteries, palace, icons, wall-painitngs, and the most widely known form of Tibetan art – Thankas. From the time of the Yurlung dynasty when Tibet was a formidable power, to the continuming and relentless “Sinfication” of Tibetan Culture, and going beyond poltical boundaries to include sites in India, such as Alchi and Tabo, a panorama of Tibet civilization is provided here.

Tibetn is unique as much for its rich heritage of art as for its rugged landscape. Though several books have made known its history and culture –  a subject of increasing interest – no single publication has yet provided an overview of its magnificent art and architecture. The present volume is an attempt to redress the imbalance. Contrary to its characterization as “the forbidden land”, Tibet has influenced and been influenced by the cultures of Central Asia and the Himalayan belt. It would scarcely be an exaggeration to state that the history of the Buddhist art of Asia, and India in particular, may need rewriting based on discoveries constantly being made in Tibet.