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Introvabilia”, una selezione di volumi rari o semi introvabili, che potete richiedere contattandoci a in questo articolo potete trovare “The Lonely Planet Guide to Experimental Travel” di Rachael Antony, Joël Henry, edito da Lonely Planet al prezzo speciale di 25,00. Vi interessa? Non vi resta che scrivere a Gulliver Libri per viaggiare!

Introvabilia”, a selection of rare or semi-unavailable books, which you can request by contacting us at here you can find “The Lonely Planet Guide to Experimental Travel” of Rachael Antony, Joël Henry by Lonely Planet at the special price of 25,00. If you are interested, write to Gulliver Libri per viaggiare!

Forget package holidays and classic travel routes. Wave adieu to predictable journeys and escape the clutches of tourist traps. The time has come for different travel rules and The Lonely Planet Guide to Experimental Travel is your passport to a new world.

Do you yearn for the glories of yesteryear? Pack an octogenarian guidebook and replace the subway with a penny farthing for an Anachronistic Adventure. Do you like to gamble? Taste the real thrill of adventure with Trip Poker or Monopoly Travel. Are you desperate for a holiday but strapped for cash? To undertake Budget Tourism low funds are not an obstacle but a prerequisite.

With over 40 experiments to try, an enthralling history of Experimental Travel, interviews with our expert authors – including the founder of Latourex, an organization dedicated to Experimental Travel – and reports by intrepid experimenters, you’ll be perfectly equipped for the open road. It’s just up to you to fly the flag, pick up the mantle and fire up your experimental engine. Good luck!

Hai voglia di fare un viaggio rompendo tutti i limiti imposti fino ad ora? Prova a fare un nuovo viaggio seguendo i consigli Lonely Planet. Libro scritto in lingua inglese.